Sugpiaq’ is the name for “the real people” of Southwestern Alaska. Our name Sugpiaq is what we called ourselves before the Russian invasion of our homeland.

The owner of Sugpiaq’ was born and raised in a small fishing village and has first hand knowledge of Alaskan fisheries with generations of family fishermen. “My father is Inupiat Eskimo and my mother is Sugpiaq”. My company helps to sustain our culture, way of life and heritage. Sugpiaq is superior to any other company selling Alaskan seafood. Sugpiaq sells only sustainable, pure Alaskan Seafood and is certified by MSC (Marine Steward Council). To be certified by MSC ensures our products are extremely quality controlled for sustainability.

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645 G Street 100-744
Anchorage, AK 99501-3443

Contact: Isabella Blatchford
Phone: 907-345-3311