Lickity Split is owned and operated by youth from the ages of 8 to 18. It’s a majority Navajo owned for-profit company.

Lickity Split Chocolate Studio, LLC was founded as a profit making company mentoring youth who serve as Management Interns. The business was built with the ingenuity of the youth without outside grants, funds or other financial assistance. In the first year of operation the business gained profitability. The youth learn and apply business skills and have successfully developed a business that is gaining customers both regionally and nationally. The youth have met with CEOs from successful companies and top state politicians. They do much of their sales over the Internet, bringing in revenue and strengthening the local economy. Through their initiative, they have gained skills and earned bicycles, computers and other such assets.

87 South Main Street
Blanding, UT 84511-3742

Contact: Elaine Borgen
Phone: 435-678-2626